Teacher Training - Skill up gradation for in service teachers

21st century teacher, Excellence in teaching, Teachers of tomorrow…. As educators, we come across these terms very frequently. New age schools with great infrastructure, well designed class rooms and technology enabled learning spaces are aspiring to set the highest standards in education. Progressive schools have replaced teaching that is isolated and teacher-centric with inter-disciplinary, student centric learning.

Education is a people intensive profession and therefore, if the mission of the school has to translate into reality, the most important link in the school - the teachers have to be highly proficient and talented. We no longer speak about ‘Thinking out of the box’. ‘Creating our own box’ is the new paradigm

ChalkBoard School Solutions proposes to bring about this paradigm shift and hold hands with you to realize your vision of excellence and become a teacher ready to teach the future with our host of skill up gradation and in service training programmes.

  • Teaching approaches- Inquiry based learning, project based learning, co operative learning, simulation
  • Communication and Soft skills
  • Behaviour management in the 21st century classroom
  • Teaching through drama, art, story telling and music
  • Subject specific teaching practices
  • Inclusive education
  • Managing diversity in the class
  • Time and stress management
  • Assessment for learning and of learning